Always in Style

Fashion is always changing and designers are always reinventing themselves. There are just a few exceptions to this rule. If you aren’t that into fashion and you want to know some simple facts about the fashion world these five facts will help guide you. On this page of my blog I wanted to share with you all some things that will always be in style:

1. The handbag

My first item is the handbag. Handbags are always going to be in style although they may change in brand, print and style. You can always count on a good solid handbag to get you through everyday life.

2. Blue Jeans 

Blue jeans will forever be in style thanks to Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. Jeans have been in style since they were invented in 1873. Jeans have gone through different styles throughout the years from skinny jeans, bell bottoms, straight legs to wide legs.

3. Black

Black is never going to go out of style. It is the most sophisticated and slimming color there is and will always look good on everyone.

4. Pumps

A solid pair of pumps is always going to be in style. No matter the occasion, a classic pair of black pumps will work with any outfit.

5. A good pair of sunglasses

From my own personal experience a great pair of sunglasses is worth the price and will never go out of style. Especially the aviator style of sunglasses. Large name brands like Ray-Ban, Gucci and Burberry are always going to have classic aviator sunglasses and other shapes and styles that have gone in and out of the fashion world.


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