The return of minimalism is here. Hence the reason why I posted a video about plain tank tops. This spring/summer are all about doing less.

Plain colors put together is the perfect idea of this go with the flow season trend.

It’s a very easy trend to follow, concidering you don’t have to do much to follow it at all.

Just put simple outfits together that are silky, simple separates, neutral tones, white-washed palettes, and future-friendly utilitarian details like paramilitary straps.


Floral Prints

Floral prints always come and go, but they are definitely a go this season. To brighten up your summer wardrobe add an all floral print shirt, dress or skirt. The great thing about floral prints is that you don’t have to do much else when your wearing it. This fun print will draw attention to you and give you a great look start your summer off right.¬†You can wear floral prints of all different colors and during the day or night.

Even floral print heels or wedges will spice up a plain outfit. Rock it how ever you would like!

Lacy Clothing

A big trend that is coming back this season is lacy clothes. This can range from dresses to tops and skirts and obviously this is gearing toward girls only. The trend runs from different styles of dresses and different colors of lace.

The lacy trend is really classy looking but can also have a sultry look to it.¬†Generally you should try to go for a wider net lace that has a more unique pattern rather than a thin stretch lace. Many lace dresses are warn with a slip underneath them or even warn as a bathing suit coverup. It’s really up to you to decide what looks best on your body type. Go ahead and rock the romantic look.


In every blog post I am going to be sharing a different fashion trend that is currently popular is society today. I will be posting different pictures and different ways to share the latest fashion trends that are taking over in 2011.

I’m going to start the fashion trend with hats called Fedoras. Fedoras are really popular this season. A fedora is a hat that has a fairly low crown creased hat that can be any color. There are ones made of nice fabric and ones that are made of straw. Some fedoras are more fancy than other ones but most are casual and warn in the summertime. Fedoras are a perfect trend for any hip guy or girl.

Here a few different examples of Fedoras: