The Colors of this Summer

The colors of this summer are bright and fun, just like your summer will be! 🙂

The colors that make up this Spring 2011 color trend are mostly named after flowers: iris, viola, daffodil, poppy, and geranium. The basic colors are light purple, teal, orange, coral, yellow, and navy blue.

You can work these colors into any outfit and look good while doing so.

Unsurprisingly, should this color scheme take your fancy, this one should be worked into your Spring 2011 wardrobe as a part of your floral prints.

For swimsuits this season almost every bright color you can imagine is in! So get out there and go with the flow to find your perfect summer outfit and swimsuit to rock this world.


All About the Blue

Blue is the hit color of this season. This trend is as easy as pie to follow. Anything from blue dresses, to blue blazers, to blue shoes… mixed with white and other summer colors will do the trick. A great fabric of choice for the summertime is cotton and things like cotton skirts and dresses are the perfect look for the hot weather.

If you choose not to wear a clothing item that is blue because maybe blue just isn’t your color, you can always add a splash of bright blue to finish your outfit. A pair of blue pumps with an average neutral outfit will make it look much more polished and dressed up. You can also add a blue belt or maybe even a blue handbag or clutch to create a masterpiece look.

Even something as small as blue nail polish or makeup can do the trick to pull your outfit together and add a dash of bright color to your outfit. This look is easily attainable and everyone should be able to accomplish it these season without a doubt.

Here are some examples from ELLE magazine of the perfect blue items to cool things down for summer: